My Internet Keeps Dropping Out!

I had to go to go to a business today in Kunda Park where they were having intermittent issues where their Internet keeps dropping out.
We tested the incoming ADSL line at the IDF. (Internal Distribution Frame). We found that there was a Phone Line Fault. Issue being low line voltage which can cause a breakdown of the internet service.

internet keeps dropping out

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We traced the Telstra service from the Telstra connection point on the outside of the building MDF (main distribution frame). Right through to the IDF within the building. We found damage to the cable in the roof cavity. Likely cause by a tradesman accidentally stepping on the cable & crushing it. This kind of damage is usually a small break in the internal copper of the cable.

This is not the fault of the tradesman who stepped on the cable but the fault of the original tradesman who didn’t install the phone cable to ACA standards. ACA stands for (Australian Communication Authority) whom we are licensed under.  

So we replaced the cabling from the MDF right through to the IDF As per the ACA rulings of installation. Also anywhere the cable is susceptible to damage we have installed conduit which will prevent any further damage.

At the completion of the job we have re-tested the ADSL service & found a large improvement on the line voltage. Connection of the ADSL modem now shows consistent internet connection with no drop out issues.

Another happy customer!

The NBN is rolling out ever so slowly! However, you don’t want to get caught out with a sub-par connection when your connection to the node in your area is complete! As of the writing of this blog entry the current plan by the Coalition is Fibre to the Node which means you still run the normal copper line out of your house all the way to the closest Node. If you have issues with your phone line you will not get the best connection possible.