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By mounting an antenna inside the room will reduce its performance. There will be issues related to interference and working with “digital” would become next to impossible; hence not recommended.
The antennas that were designed in the olden times were not equipped to receive new channels that are now used for digital TV, especially, 10, 7 and 9. Only if robust and high-quality signals are received, it may be possible for the Digital TV to work. It is important to note that old TV antennas will come with old splitters, cables, and connections that will not work well for Digital TV reception. It is better if you get your entire system checked by a professional to enjoy hassle-free Digital TV Viewing. In the case of a poor analogy picture, the Digital TV may not work well with the existing equipment.
No, there is no limit to the number of TV Points you can have in your home, but at the same time, you need to understand that more are the number of points, weaker will be the strength of TV antenna reception. If you wish to have more number of points, we suggest you go for an Amplifier booster or a stronger signal Antenna.
Yes, it is possible to see excellent pictures provided television reception system is digitally inclined. If the Digital TV Components are not digitally ready, it is not feasible to receive pictures. Conversely, the pictures are viewable by snowy in the old analogous system.
It is possible for the image to get pixelated in the windy or rainy season. It may be either, because of some obstruction in front of the antenna, or the received signal must be sufficient only for the television. A significant drop is registered in the signal once the wind or rain starts which result in a bad picture quality. The problem can be rectified using a booster.
If you find pictures getting pixelated when an electrical device is in use, it means your cables are not properly shielded. It may be due to a problem with the cables behind the fly lead or the cables installed in the roof/walls. You can replace them with quad shielded cables for better reception. When using old connectors and splitters, the problem of interference can be faced. Thus, it is better to install a new system that is digital ready.
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