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Find out what we are up to from time to time and grab the latest news from our industry below. First of all to explain how we plan to use our blog. In order to keep our customers informed we will post on various different topics including relevant news. Furthermore we will share our knowledge and experience as a result from our years working in the industry. Covering topics such as; CCTV Cameras, Home Theatres, Computer Services including Computer Hardware & Software.

In addition we will also be posting our Handy Technical Tips Newsletter. Given that the knowledge we share has been developed over the years and may be of help to you. In the hope that we can help you and as a result will want to tell your friends about us!

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Build the Ultimate Home Theatre

By | November 19th, 2016|Categories: Design, Home Theatre|

Build the Ultimate Home Theatre So you decided to upgrade your humble abode with a shiny new kickass home theatre? Awesome! Now it is time to get your home theatre built to your exact liking with the help of this friendly and useful guide. We will help you choose the right tech for the job and the best configuration for your room. So let us begin. First: The Main Feature Choosing the [...]

Fix My TV Reception Please!

By | July 6th, 2016|Categories: Happy Customer, Reception Problems|

My TV Says "No Signal!" Click Here For Our TV Antenna & Reception Services! Last week I had a customer call me from Kawana and asked "Can You Fix My TV Reception, The TV Says No Signal?" Their main concern was pixilation. This is where pictures break up constantly and can display a loss of signal message on the TV screen. They asked me if we were capable of troubleshooting and [...]

Just A Typical Phone Line Fault!

By | July 2nd, 2016|Categories: Happy Customer, Phone Line Fault|

My Internet Keeps Dropping Out! I had to go to go to a business today in Kunda Park where they were having intermittent issues where their Internet keeps dropping out. We tested the incoming ADSL line at the IDF. (Internal Distribution Frame). We found that there was a Phone Line Fault. Issue being low line voltage which can cause a breakdown of the internet service. Click Here For Our Phone Line Fault [...]