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Custom Built Computers Are Our Speciality!

For The Most Part, We Custom Built Computers With The Best Hardware From Each Manufacturer!

All things considered, Custom Built Computers will outperform other reputable brands every single time. This is because different manufacturers often release better versions of each piece of hardware at competitive pricing. As a result, this allows us to build an extremely fast, modern PC at a fraction of the cost of, say the latest Mac All-In-One Desktop.

At Direct Connect Services, you can also avail carefully selected tablets and laptops in a variety of price bands. We also offer computer parts and peripherals for sale for your business and gaming computer. At the present time, you can get Custom Built Media Centre PC at an affordable rate. If you wish to buy wired or wireless networking equipment, call us and get the best quote.

In Summary, The Advantages Of Custom Built Computers

  • Firstly you choose which hardware and software you want
  • Secondly you can save quite a lot of money
  • Thirdly You pay for only the hardware/software that you need
  • As a result, your system is not “bloated” with unnecessary trial software that you don’t need
  • Without delay you get fast, local support for any issues you have

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Custom Built Computers

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