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CCTV Camera Install & Upgrades

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Direct Connect Services offers First Class CCTV Camera Installs and Upgrades for both commercial and home based customers. First of all, we listen to your concerns and queries and answer them as best we can. Following that one of our trained staff will evaluate your premises and identify your requirements and as a result present you with your options and a quote.

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CCTV Camera InstallsBurglaries, are unfortunate facts of life which increase every year. When this occurs, it can lead to trauma. Insurance companies love evidence. What better evidence could you need, than high quality video footage?

Direct Connect Services are specialists in CCTV Camera Installs. We understand the desire of wanting to protect your business and care for those close to you. In addition Direct Connect Services will always try to work within your budget and consequently provide you with an affordable yet effective and high quality solution.

Perhaps you already have a CCTV Camera System and you want to get it upgraded! Get in touch with us! Be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to your security.

Contact us today for a quote on your CCTV installation.
Just by having a security solution in place you deter break-ins from occurring.

Most of all, as professionals in the field, we utilise the latest technology on the market. Therefore ensuring your innovative CCTV solution is current.

Our Services and Features are as Follows:

  • CCTV Remote and Mobile Monitoring.
  • CCTV Camera and Cable Installs and Upgrades – Ask About Our Maintenance Packages.
  • Professionals in Wireless or Wired CCTV Solutions.
  • Motion Alarm Systems for Intruder Alarm Monitoring. multiple notification methods.
  • Data Network, Phone, Coaxial & Fibre Cabling.
  • Inquiries about your current Surveillance System?

Computer Hardware & Software Repairs

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Home or business network down? No Internet? Computer slow or not working?
Need to set up a new PC or Mac? Computer virus? General Computer Repairs?

Computer Virus? No Worries – Free On-Site Evaluation – No Upfront Cost – No Minimum Charge – No Fix No Fee!
Direct Connect Services is a full computer IT and service company looking after The Sunshine Coast and surrounding communities.
Do you have a Computer Virus? We provide business and residential support for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac. We service all computers including: laptops, desktops, all-in-ones, tablets, and more.

No matter if you need basic help installing software on your PC, removing a serious computer help designing your home network. Direct Connect Services will provide a practical solution for you!
computer repair

At Direct Connect Services we are committed to working close with you. We not only strive to exceed your technical needs, we also dedicate the time and energy to listen to your personal & business needs to develop the right solution on-time and within budget.

Viruses or malware? Let us bring your computer back to perfect health!

Viruses, malware, and spyware, oh my. The internet can be a scary place. It’s even scarier when you realise that most commercial anti-virus software programs don’t catch all of the icky gunk that tries to infect your computer. In an ideal world, proper internet browsing and email habits would keep you safe and your machine clean, but we all know that making sure that you only go to safe sites and download safe attachments is difficult, especially if a friend of yours is infected and begins to send out virus-laden emails.

So How Can You Tell If You Have A Virus? Some Common Signs Include:

  • Your computer is running unusually poorly or your internet connection seems to be significantly slower than normal.
  • You get pop-ups with advertising while you are browsing the web, and sometimes even if you don’t have a web browser open.
  • Your web browser constantly redirects you to sites that look like spam or advertising, or common and popular sites like Google or Bing are replaced with shady-looking search portals.
  • While browsing, the browser behaves oddly, such as words on web pages suddenly turning into links for advertising.
  • You suspect that your identity has been stolen or you notice fraudulent charges on your credit cards.
  • Your friends report getting strange emails from you that you don’t remember sending.
  • Your computer becomes unusable or you can’t access your programs, or your icons get replaced with spam.


Do NOT click on pop-ups that say you have a virus and need to purchase antivirus software. This is a common scam, and entering your private information in the provided form will NOT fix your problem. Call Direct Connect Services if you suspect anything fishy and we will be happy to provide you with our advice over the phone.

So what are the different threats facing your computer, and what do they mean for you?

Computer Virus New Computer

Maybe It’s time for a new computer. Click Here for our Custom Built Computer Services

Computer Virus

Viruses are bits of code whose intent is to either do harm to your computer or allow the virus-writer to take over your computer or laptop. Viruses are written for many different reasons and by many different people. Some people write computer viruses that simply do damage and spread as quickly as possible solely for the thrill of vandalism. Other more sophisticated programmers, often with connections to criminal organisations around the world, write viruses to hijack computers and laptops for use in hacking attacks against other organisations. Viruses often spread through an infected machine sending out fake emails posing as the infected laptop’s owner to everyone in their contact book. They are also spread through malicious web pages that use exploits or loopholes, in the way internet browsers handle web pages to infect visitors. A defining characteristic of a virus is that it usually requires no special action on the part of the victim to get one, the intent is malicious, the virus presents no easy method of removal, and the virus is capable of spreading by itself.


Spyware is another category for a Computer Virus. Specifically it is any piece of code whose primary motive is stealing your personal information and sending it to the spyware programmer. Oftentimes, this is a function of a computer virus, and happens without the infected computer owners’ knowledge. Not all spyware is a virus, however. Oftentimes, a legitimate or somewhat legitimate piece of software will have spyware components that will monitor things like your browsing history and send it to a central clearinghouse to be sold to marketers. Famous examples of this type of spyware include WeatherBug and CoolWebSearch. Sometimes these programs will mention their spyware components buried deep in their terms of service, but will either neglect it or gloss over it. Spyware is written for many different purposes. Common ones include: gathering online behaviour patterns to sell to marketers, tracking internet usage to replace common websites with the programmers own paid alternative (such as changing your search setting from Google Search to an unknown search engine that is used to generate ad traffic), and on the more malicious side of things to steal personal information like names, logins and passwords, social security numbers, and credit card information. The defining characteristic of spyware is that it records your computer activity and disguises or conceals the fact that it is doing so. By that definition, things like legitimate tracking cookies placed on your computer by places like Facebook or Google are not spyware since their function is not disguised and they clearly announce their intention to track your browsing.


Named after the Ancient Greek use of a horse to smuggle soldiers into the city of Troy during the Trojan War, a Trojan is a specific type of Computer Virus whose purpose is to make your computer more vulnerable to other attacks. Often when it is installed on a victim’s laptop it will create a “back door”, or vulnerability, in your computer’s defence system that allows it to download and install other malicious software. Though not always, a Trojan will often come disguised as a legitimate program and require the user to install it on his or her system. This is one of the primary differences that distinguishes a Trojan from other types of viruses.


Malware is a generic label that is applied to all types of software and code that maliciously harms a users computer. This includes The Computer virus, Trojan, Spyware, and other programs that seek to harm your computer or your user experience.

Custom Built Computers

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Direct Connect Services
Custom Built Computers Are Our Speciality!

We Custom Built Computers With The Best Hardware From Each Manufacturer!

Custom Built Computers will out perform other reputable brands every single time. This is because different manufacturers often release better versions of each piece of hardware at competitive pricing. This allows us to build an extremely fast, modern PC for a fraction of the cost of say the latest Mac All In One Desktop.

Custom Built ComputersAdvantages Of Custom Building A Computer

Computer Repair Upgrade

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  • You choose which hardware and software you want
  • You can save quite a lot of money
  • The performance is top-notch
  • You pay for only the hardware/software that you need
  • Your system is not “bloated” with unnecessary trial software that you don’t need
  • You get fast, local support for any issues you have
  • Each component of your custom built computer is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty

Digital TV Reception Issues

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Direct Connect Services, Your Expert When It Comes To TV Antenna Repairs & Installations
On The Sunshine Coast

Guaranteed Results! – Most Antenna problems are solved on the spot.

TV Antenna Repairs is our speciality. Are you experiencing TV Reception Issues? Pixelated picture? Persistent ‘No Signal’ issues? Can’t get the channel you want? Direct Connect Services is your first port of call when it comes to TV Antennas Repairs and Installations.

At the present time we are in the age of the digital signal. Due to this, many picture faults may begin to appear that perhaps you never had before. Especially if you have just bought a new digital TV or set-top box.

This is because digital frequencies work differently with the new equipment and these new problems could be caused by your old Antenna Installation.
TV Reception faults don’t just happen. There could be many reasons for the imperfections in TV Reception that you face. If you are experiencing
Tv Antenna Repairsfreezing images, total loss of signal or image pixelation, call Direct Connect Services now!
It is most likely that the problem is with your TV Antenna Installation, TV Wall Outlet or the Cabling in-between.
Whatever the problem may be, you can rest assured that we will get to the bottom of it and provide a practical and honest solution.

Have one of our experienced technicians take a look – no fault is too big or small for our expert techs. In most cases, they can sort out your reception issues on the spot without delay!

Need A New TV Point, Or A TV Outlet Moved?
While We Carry Out Your TV Antenna Repairs We Can Do This Too!

Either way, we can move your current wall outlet to a different location or install extra TV points.

Audio Cable Wall Outlet Port, TV Antenna Repairs

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We find out that in most old homes, the wall outlets have become corroded at the socket point over time and this usually result in the degradation of the quality of signal provided. Just call us and we’ll give you a competitive quote.

Generally speaking, there is no job too big or small, hence call Direct Connect Services for all of your TV Antenna Repairs.

What Antenna Is Right For Me? TV Antenna Repairs & Installations

When it comes to televisions we almost have an endless variety to choose from, further still it is no different when it comes to TV antennas. For this reason, we don’t just stock one type of antenna, because a single type of antenna does not suit all areas in the Sunshine Coast.

UHF, VHF, Directional, Phased Array, Analog and Digital. These are all types of Antennas we frequently install for clients in the Sunshine Coast Region. Direct Connect Services will communicate and explain what Antenna suits your requirements and why.

Electrical Repairs & Installations

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Direct Connect Services – Your Electrical Rewiring, Repairs & Installation Experts
Servicing the Sunshine Coast Region

Electrical RewiringDirect Connect Services are the local trusted Electrical Rewiring Services Company on the Sunshine Coast and its surrounding Hinterland. We have been serving the Sunshine Coast area for the last 18 years, are here for our customers when they need us and will be here for many years to come. We are also family owned, local and independent.

Our technicians are insured, licensed, well trained, highly qualified and health and safety approved. They are also well-equipped with the latest tools and a fully stocked van ready to tackle any type of electrical repairs & installations.

We take pride in a well-protected reputation for the provision of top-quality workmanship, delivered to the highest safety and health standard. We offer pricing and packages options on every type of project. This will enable our clients to choose an option that best falls within their budget suits their service requirements.

Call Us Today To Schedule A Consultation And Experience The Joy And Comfort That Comes With Using The Best In The Business!
100% Service Satisfaction Guarantee!

Our Electrical Services Include

Electrical Rewires, Refurbishments, Maintenance & Repairs, Testing & Inspection, Fault Finding

Tv Antenna Repairs

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Like most things, electrical cabling gets old and worn and will eventually need replacing. In the long run, don’t take a chance with a potential fire hazard. In older buildings, your electrical cabling should be checked and replaced if it has degraded. Ensure to get your electrical rewires done before disaster strikes. Prevention is better that cure.

Distribution Boards, Fuse Board Upgrades

In 2007, the standard of Australian distribution boards was updated. The update was done to ensure the safety of persons, should they come in contact with a faulty appliance or electrical installation. RCD (safety) circuit breakers should be installed in your distribution Board. If you have power points that regularly trip out, this may be the sign of something more sinister. Have a qualified electrician check your Distribution Board and advise you on its suitability. It may be due for a change.

Power points, Extra Sockets, Smoke & Heat Alarm Systems

Are those power boards filling up space under your feet? We can install an outlet for that new flat panel TV. Furthermore with a little Electrical Rewiring, we can move an existing outlet to accommodate the new furniture you recently purchased. Call Us if you need an outlet installed, replaced or moved.

Lighting, Outside & Internal, Emergency Lighting

When it comes to Electrical Services, lights improve the look of your home. Updating the light fittings in your home is one of the most productive things you can do. Updating light fittings with some Electrical Rewiring not only brightens up your home. However, it can bring a new element of style and make your home more functional as well. Direct Connect Services explains the benefits of updating your home’s lighting and what we can do for you.

Ceiling Fans & Extractor Fans

Is your Ceiling Fan Shaky, Wobbly or Outdated? Call Direct Connect Services Today for all your Electrical troubles! Are you installing, repairing, or adjusting? When it comes to ceiling fans, we’re the trusted experts. Call us today and we’ll be happy to help you with any ceiling fan needs that you may have!

UPS systems & Surge Protection

Direct Connect Services also installs UPS systems and surge protection. Your office equipment like data cabinet, PC’s, servers, phone system & CCTV camera need protection from power outage. An efficient UPS system not only assists in maintaining productivity in the event of power outages, but can also save you thousands by preventing data loss.

Home Theatre Installtions

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Direct Connect Services, Home Theatre Consultations, Custom Designed.

Is Your Home Theatre System A Mess Of Cables? Need A New System Installed? Seems Like
You’re In The Right Place!

All our clients say that when it comes to quality Home Theatre Installs, we’ve got the best service in town. Care to know why?

Do you want to improve your home entertainment? You are in the right place.

With a call, you can have a professional in your house, helping you design a video and audio system that’s perfect for your family.

Antenna Installations Home Theatre

Are You In Need Of A Professional Home Theatres Installer?

If yes, then you are in the right place.

Home Theatre Installs Cables

We Will Hide All Cables Neatly Away In The Wall!

Do you want to enhance your surround sound system?

Are you remodelling and need assistance in the installation and design of a great entertainment system? Direct Connect Services can assist you.
Home T heaters are a tremendous asset. Furthermore, they’re meant to bring excitement to your household. So selecting the right installation specialist is essential. Many businesses offer the same installation service. However, the only thing that sets us apart is the service we make available to the client.

This is why Direct Connect Services has been very successful over the years. Our clients are our primary concern. We never fail to recall where we’re coming from and who got us where we’re today.

So, every call is answered on time. All installations are programmed promptly. Direct Connect Services will quickly handle any issue and ensure every client is pleased.

Direct Connect Services is devoted to providing customers with unrivalled service and reasonable pricing on every job. So are you planning a customised home theatre? Or are you having complications in setting up your home theatre system? You can count on Direct Connect Services for prompt, professional, and affordable service on all installation tasks.

Direct Connect Services has been in business since 1998. Resulting in over 18 years experience creating Custom Home Theatre Installs for Sunshine Coast locals. Our speciality is providing amazing entertainment systems for everyone, from simply mounting a TV on a wall, to wiring an energy efficient “smart”

home. We will work with you from design to implementation in order to create a customised environment that will fit all of your tastes and preferences.

Whether you have a current system that no longer functions properly or would like to start from the ground up!
Please contact us for a free consultation for your home, boat, or business.

In Brief Our Home Theatre Installs Include:

Cabling and Wiring
Custom Design and Installation of your Home Theatre System
Wall Mount and Installation of your choice of TV
Install and Provide Advice on, Speaker Systems including Sub-Woofers, Sound Bars and Surround Sound Setups
Provide Advice on & Installation of, LCD, LED and Plasma TV’s or Projector Systems
Installation of Aerial and Data Points
Configuration of PayTV Austar & Foxtel also Online Services such as Netflix & Stan
Advice and Installation of Universal Remotes
Advice and Installation of Wireless or Wired systems

For home theatre installation, there is no better name for workmanship, efficiency and service than Direct Connect Services. For any property owner, home theatre installation is vital in turning your house into a home. It doesn’t matter whether you are a big family or a small business; if you are a high-end consumer or a complete entertainment enthusiast, Direct Connect Services can find a home theatre installation package to suit your every need. A home theatre installation is an all-encompassing statement designed and fitted out for the enjoyment of your family and friends.

With loads of avenues to venture down, you have to decide what products you want to fit in your space. Direct Connect Services can help you with this with a huge range of items for any home theatre installation big or small. Let Direct Connect Services take care of everything. f you already have your own products, we can help design a comfortable layout and as a result make sure your home theatre system is exactly what you are looking for.

Experience the thrill of owning a state-of-the-art home theatre at an affordable price. Never before has the concept of a home theatre been so real and achievable.

In The Meantime Let Us Provide You With A Quote Home Theatre Installs Are Our Speciality!

Home Theatre Installs

TV | Phone | Data Network Cabling

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The Sunshine Coast
Premier Data Cabling Company

Direct Connect Services – Data Cabling you can rely on for your Business or Home.
Servicing The Sunshine Coast

Does your Business or Home need Data Cabling? Need to connect a network? Rewire an entire commercial property? Because we can do that for you!

Our quality Data Cabling will provide outstanding performance and reliability. Consequently designed to work tirelessly on demand. We install and advise on the best network, data cabling products and installation methods to suit your needs. As a result your end up with professional well planned out network and cable management.

Notably, As one of Australia’s expert Data Cabling companies we provide a range of solutions.

  • Testing to latest Australian Standards
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Cat 5E, Cat6A, Cat7 & Coaxial Structured Cabling Sytems
  • Cable assemblies & Patch Cords
  • Network Design & Implementation – including wireless.
  • CCTV Camera Cable installs.
  • Business Data Cabling
  • Home Networks
  • Data Cabling Repairs
  • Structured Cabling Systems
  • Optic Fiber to the Home
  • ADSL+ and ADSL2 Optimization
  • Phone Line Fault Detection
  • Repair or Install an Intercom

Does your business or home need Data Cabling? Need to move your ADSL or Internet connection, or add computer network sockets? Because we can help you with the most effective ways to network and cable your business or home. We only use top quality Ethernet and Optical cables. Our technicians are certified, highly skilled and are experienced in every type of cable installation – from home to multi-storey office blocks.

Data Cabling Tv

Click Here For Our Home Theatre Services.

Telephone & Data Points
Telephone Line Repairs & Installations

Direct Connect Services specialise in Phone Line Fault Detection, Repairs, Phone and Data cabling, Phone Systems, ADSL Broadband Optimization and NBN Fibre to the home and node pre-wires. Without doubt all our technicians are fully licensed, insured, and equipped with the latest in phone line fault testing equipment.

Telephone Cabling

If you are having problems with your telephone line cabling for phone, ADSL, fax, EFPOS or alarm. Maybe you would simply like an extra phone or data point socket. Don’t hesitate, call our office now and talk to one of our friendly staff who can arrange for a free quote.

Need To Install Or Repair An Intercom?

Direct Connect Services offers a range of Intercom systems from simply home audio / video systems. All the way through to complex commercial installations, monitoring & controlling all entry and exit locations. Most importantly we’ll spend time with you to understand your objectives, then design a system to meet your needs.

A Video Intercom System can be effectively installed in your home or office. Video Intercoms provide you with a sense of security and simply protect you from unexpected and unforeseen situations. Today, video intercoms are not only security gadgets, but also stylish and modern devices that will suit your home or business design.

When it comes to high quality video intercoms, Direct Connect Services only offers the best, premium quality and unique design. We also offer a wide range of brands at affordable prices. We use proven and reliable technology to protect your family or business.

TV Antenna & Reception Specialists

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Direct Connect Services Logo TV Reception Issues

To Fix Your TV Reception Issues
Call Now & Receive Your Free Comprehensive Quote & Advice

Do you have persistent TV Reception Issues?
Do you need your Antenna Repaired or a new one Installed?
Do you have a rusty Antenna or has it blown down in a storm?

Direct Connect Services has more than 30 years’ experience Installing TV Antennas and Fixing TV Reception issues with picture quality.

To Rectify Digital TV Reception Issues we may:

  • Repair your existing TV Antenna Systems
  • Install a new DIGITAL Antenna
  • Fix distorted and pixelated DIGITAL Signal Issues
  • Identify and Fix Amplification Issues

First of all television reception is not rocket science but still it is better to have it set-up correctly by professionals using state of the art calibration equipment.
For example, did you know that if you are too close to the the transmitting station, the digital signal might be too strong for your digital TV or your Set Top Box and as a result will cause TV Reception Issues?

Furthermore don’t use a portable antenna and put up with poor reception. Call Direct Connect Services! Additional television outlets can usually be connected to your current Antenna system. We only use the highest quality digital RG6 cables and as a result reduce interference and maintain excellent picture quality.

Direct Connect Services Specialises in Multi story complexes, Unit blocks & Retirement villages and is also the Body Corporate & Real Estate preferred contractor on the Sunshine Coast

Finally we provide guaranteed results and most problems are fixed on the spot.
You can trust Direct Connect Services with your TV Antenna and Reception Issues.

We can also be reached by Email Here.

Your Sunshine Coast Local Professional CCTV Specialist

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Direct Connect Services has been the first choice for Sunshine Coast locals for nearly 20 years. Due to our dedicated team of experts providing professional CCTV Camera Installations and Risk Management Consultations. As a result we supply each of our clientele with an advanced CCTV Solution for catering for purpose of individuals, events, and businesses all over the area who are especially after quality and affordable solutions.

Protect Your Peace of Mind With CCTV Camera Installations

At the present time the world is becoming more dangerous by the moment. It’s more imperative than ever that you protect yourself and your property with your first line of defence—CCTV cameras.

For this reason we are using today’s most advanced and affordable technologies, we can install live security cameras and equipment designed for total asset and personnel protection. To

CCTV Camera Installations

Don’t forget we also provide CCTV solutions for the home with remote mobile viewing!

emphasise our proactive safety measures can help deter crime, reduce staff concerns, resulting in improved customer relationships and confidence.

After conducting a thorough risk assessment of your CCTV needs in time design and install a visual defence solution that offers:

  • Support for your Workplace Safety requirements
  • Residential, Event, Parking or Corporate Security
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Ability to Enact Swift Response Action
  • CCTV Monitoring for Improved Confidence
  • Maximum Visual Defence Coverage
  • Access Control Coverage Including Off-line and Online Viewing
  • Enhanced Personal Safety and Security

Real-Time Surveillance

When you need to protect your venue, property or personnel home, Direct Connect Services can design a fixed or mobile surveillance system that provides around-the-clock security you can rely on. Let us provide you with a simple assessment of your CCTV requirements and help you secure your property today.

Finally for more information about how we can help protect you, your people and your property please contact us today on
reach us on Email us Here

The Right People For The Right Job. Every Time.

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