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Virus Removal Sunshine Coast

Malware, virus, and spyware is not an unusual problem. It may turn out to be quite daunting for you. Many times, despite using high-end commercial anti-virus programs, it’s hard to avoid computer getting infected by these scary elements. Although users are made aware of and educated to indulge in safe browsing of the internet, it is not always possible to stay on a more secure side. All things considered, scanning your computer on a periodic basis can help in keeping your machine clean and safe to use. To the end that, sometimes, people are not even aware their computer is infected with a virus.

The most compelling evidence that shows the presence of virus in your computer are

• If your computer is running at a sluggish pace or the internet connection is slower than its average speed;
• While browsing the internet, you get a lot of pop-ups with advertising, it means your computer is virus-infected. Sometimes, this problem may also be seen even when the web browser is not in use.
• You are explicitly redirected again and again by your browser to the advertising and spam sites.
• Common sites like Bing or Google are replaced by other especially suspicious looking search portals;
• Usually your browser does not behave normally, you most definitely have malware.
• Seeing that you have fraudulent charges on your credit card or if it seems as if your identity has been stolen.
• In any event you are unable to access your programs, or it becomes difficult to use your computer, it means you most likely have a virus.


Generally speaking It is advisable to avoid clicking on pop-ups saying your computer has a virus, and you need to buy antivirus software. Consequently this is a very common way of duping computer users, and your problems are not going to be fixed by just entering your personal information in the required fields. Instead of searching for Virus Removal Sunshine Coast, Call us at Direct Connect Services if you suspect any problem with your computer and get the best service and solution.
So, are you aware of the threats faced by your computer and how they can damage your computer?
With this in mind, If it is impossible to salvage your computer, maybe it is time you start looking for a new one. Click Here for our Custom Built Computer Services.

Computer Virus

So it looks like you may have landed on this page after searching for virus removal sunshine coast. Viruses are bits of code that can either harm your computer badly or allow the virus-writer taking over your laptop or computer. In general, there are many reasons why these viruses are written. Many times, virus-writers write these viruses solely for the purpose of damaging the computer and letting it spread as quickly as possible just for sabotage. To clarify, there are some programmers with a close connection with global criminal organisations who pen these viruses for hijacking laptops and computers using them for hacking information about these organisations.
For instance the spread of a virus can be fast and very easy. Especially if an infected machine sends out fake emails to everyone in the list of contacts, posing as the owner of the infected laptop, it can spread like wildfire. They can also spread through malicious web pages using loopholes or exploits. in particular, one of the striking features of these viruses is that no special action is required by the victim to suffer from this problem. Moreover, the virus has malicious intent, and it can spread easily at a rapid pace. Also, removing them from the system is nothing less than an onerous task.


Another category of Computer Virus, Spyware is also a piece of code which is created with the primary goal to steal personal information. The Spyware programmer then uses this stolen information. Most often than not, the attack occurs without the knowledge of the computer owner. It is imperative to understand that not all spyware are essentially a virus, but sometimes a genuine software may also come with spyware components. The components usually monitor things like browsing history and more which is then sent to a clearing house for selling them to the marketers.

For example Coolwebsearch and WeatherBug are some popular spyware. Consequently, there are many reasons behind why Spyware exists. To point out, some of the common reasons are tracking use of internet replacing common websites with an alternative paid by the marketers, accumulating online behavioural patterns for selling the same to the marketers, malicious activities like stealing logins, personal information, passwords, credit card information and social security numbers. Given that the peculiar characteristics of spyware includes recording computer activity and concealing or disguising the same. If we go by this definition, the cookies placed by Google or Facebook legitimately on your computer is not spyware, since they clearly announce their purpose to track browsing.


The Trojan in the first place, was the name of a horse that was used to smuggle soldiers into the city of Troy and the story finds mention in ancient Greek History. Since this activity was done in a hidden way, the name Trojan has been given to a particular type of computer virus, whose aim is to make your computer more susceptible to other attacks. When it gets installed on the computer of the victim, it results in the creation of vulnerability or a back door through which computer’s defence system weakens, thereby allowing downloading and installing of Malware software. For the most part it usually comes hidden as a legitimate program. To clarify, it usually needs the user installing it himself on his system. It differentiates it from other viruses.


Another key point, all software that is meant to harm the computer of a user is termed as malware. It includes Trojan, Computer Virus, Spyware and many other programs.

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