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Do you have persistent TV Reception Issues?
Do you need your Antenna Repaired or a new one Installed?
Do you have a rusty Antenna or has it blown down in a storm?

Direct Connect Services has more than 30 years’ experience Installing TV Antennas and Fixing TV Reception issues with picture quality.

To Rectify Digital TV Reception Issues we may:

  • Repair your existing TV Antenna Systems
  • Install a new DIGITAL Antenna
  • Fix distorted and pixelated DIGITAL Signal Issues
  • Identify and Fix Amplification Issues

First of all television reception is not rocket science but still it is better to have it set-up correctly by professionals using state of the art calibration equipment.
For example, did you know that if you are too close to the the transmitting station, the digital signal might be too strong for your digital TV or your Set Top Box and as a result will cause TV Reception Issues?

Furthermore don’t use a portable antenna and put up with poor reception. Call Direct Connect Services! Additional television outlets can usually be connected to your current Antenna system. We only use the highest quality digital RG6 cables and as a result reduce interference and maintain excellent picture quality.

Direct Connect Services Specialises in Multi story complexes, Unit blocks & Retirement villages and is also the Body Corporate & Real Estate preferred contractor on the Sunshine Coast

Finally we provide guaranteed results and most problems are fixed on the spot.
You can trust Direct Connect Services with your TV Antenna and Reception Issues.

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