TV Reception Problems

Do you have ghosting, lines running across the screen, snowy pictures or even pixilation?

There could be many reasons for imperfections such as these. However, before you waste money buying equipment you may not need (only to find out you have the same problems!), have one of our experienced technicians survey and quote to repair or replace your current antenna system.

Now that we are in the digital transition phase, many picture faults may begin to appear that perhaps you never had before, especially if you have just bought a new digital TV or set-top box. This is because these frequencies work differently with the new equipment and these new imperfections could be caused by your old antenna infrastructure.

Have one of our experienced technicians survey and quote to repair your current antenna system, even if you are having problems with your old analogue service, no fault too big or small for our expert techs. In most cases they can sort out your reception issues on the spot!

TV Points

Need a TV point in the bedroom? What about a TV point in the rumpus room so the kids can watch their own programs without being under your feet?

An additional television outlet in any room may solve your viewing problems and can usually be connected to your current antenna system. Direct Connect Services will install as many additional outlets as you require anywhere in your home even the garage! We only use the highest quality digital ready RG6 cables which reduce interference and produces excellent picture quality, we can even re-run an old outlet that may have dated or inferior cable.

Why use a portable antenna with poor reception when a call to Direct Connect Services can give you clear reception and solve your viewing needs.




Television Amplifiers & Boosters

Mast Head Amplifiers
For poor signal areas (but still good quality) we can install a Mast Head Amplifier which usually has excellent results. This solution is preferred when no main power supply is available close to the Aerial installation position. The Mast Head Amplifier is powered over the signal cable itself using as special PSU (power source unit). The main advantages of Mast Head Amplifier are the improvement of Digital Antenna Signal and low noise levels.
Main, Distribution & Power Amplifiers
Television reception is not rocket science but still it is better to have it setup by professionals. In the proximity of the transmitting station the digital signal might be too strong for your digital TV or your Set Top Box / PVR and will cause reception problems such as poor or weak signal situations.

Television reception is not rocket science but still it is better to have it setup by professionals. In the proximity of the transmitting station the digital signal might be too strong for your digital TV or your Set Top Box / PVR and will cause reception problems such as poor or weak signal situations. If the situation where multiple reception point installation is requested we recommend the installation of a Distribution Amplifier to ensure excellent digital quality to all TV sets. Amplifiers are carefully chosen after cable and signal strength measurement. All models are fully screened to give you excellent digital reception experience. For special situations and MATV systems (Master Antenna TV) used in large buildings with 100+ reception points we can install Power Amplifiers which are very high gain Amplifiers. This solution is also applied when the signal must be transmitted down very long cable to overcome the signal attenuation. With years of experience in Antenna Installation Direct Connect Services is always the best solution for reception problems. Complete our contact form to book a free onsite quote and our technicians will conduct a technical analysis of signal strength and give you the perfect solution to get crystal clear digital quality


Intercom Supply & Installations
Direct Connect Services offers a range of Intercom systems from simply home audio / video systems through to complex commercial installations monitoring & controlling all entry and exit locations. Time will be spent with you to understand your objectives for securing your site and then design a system to meet your specifications and objectives.

Video Intercom System can be effectively installed in your home or office. Video Intercoms provide you with a sense of security and simply protect you from unexpected and unforeseen situations. Today, video intercoms are not only security gadgets, but also stylish and modern devices that will suit your home or business design.

When it comes to high quality video intercoms, Direct Connect Services only offers the best, premium quality and unique design. We also offer a wide range of brands at affordable prices. We use proven and reliable technology to protect your family or business.


Home Automation

What is Home Automation
Imagine, you are automatically drawing the blinds, dimming lighting, turning on your music or setting the temperature before arriving home, all from your wi-fi tablet, smart phone, laptop or PC!
We offer all range of Home Automation including:
• security & safety • lighting control (indoor/outdoor) • climate control • multi-room audio/video control • home networking • control audio video devices • home theater control and much more…

The best time to do home automation is when your house is being built or renovated because it is cheaper and gives you more flexibility when selecting automation tasks.

What is Smart device Home Automation?

From now on, your iPhone or Android device is not just a smart phone but a powerful remote control that will allow you to control every electrical appliances/device your home over WIFI. Our home automation specialists have discovered that smart phones and wi-fi devices have fantastic capabilities to customize it for most of your existing home systems (eg. security, access control, audio and video). We will be able to turn your device into powerful remote that will control your home environment.

How do we work?

Telephone & Data Points

Repairs & Installations
Direct Connect Services specialize in Phone Line Fault Detection and Repairs, installations of Phone and Data cabling and Phone System installations, ADSL Broadband Optimization and NBN Fibre to the home pre-wires. All technicians are fully licensed, insured, and equipped with the latest in phone line fault testing equipment.
Telephone Cabling
If you are having problems with your telephone line cabling for phone, ADSL, fax, eftpos or alarm or would simply like an extra phone or data point (socket), call our office now and talk to one of our friendly staff who will assist you with your enquiry.

• New Residential Connections

• New Business Connections

• Phone Line Fault Repairs

• Pre-wire Your Home

• NBN Fiber to the Home

• Telstra Velocity Cabling

Phone Systems
We specialise in installation and relocation of new or existing PABX phone systems and phone system support including programming on many popular brands. Regardless of whether your phone system is a PABX or Key System, we can help!
• New Phones • Refurbished / Used Phones • Installations / Connections • Phone System Relocations • Phone System Support / Programming • Troubleshooting & Repairs
Data Cabling
Our quality structured data cabling systems provide outstanding performance and reliability, designed to work tirelessly on demand. We install / advise on the best network, data cabling products and installation methods to suit your needs.
• Business Data Cabling • Home Networks • Data Cabling Repairs • Structured Cabling Systems • Optic Fiber to the Home • ADSL+ and ADSL2 Optimization

Home Theatre Design & Installation

Media, PC and All-in-One Media Boxes

For home theatre installation, there is no better name for workmanship, efficiency and service care than Direct Connect Services. For any property owner, home theatre installation is vital in turning your house into a home.It doesn’t matter whether you are a big family or a small business; if you are a high-end consumer or a complete entertainment enthusiast, Direct Connect Services can find a home theatre installation package to suit your every need.


A home theatre installation is an all-encompassing statement designed and fitted out for the enjoyment of your family and friends.  With loads of avenues to venture down, you have to decide what products you want to fit in your space. Direct Connect Services can help you with this with a huge range of items for any home theatre installation big or small.

Let Direct Connect Services take care of everything with your home theatre installation. Or if you already have your own products, we can help design a comfortable layout and make sure your home theatre installation is exactly what you are looking for.